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The silence that had become music to your ears quickly disappeared when you heard the door to your apartment slam shut.It immediately startled you causing you to drop your book , which hit the floor making a loud “thud”. You unlocked it and the first the you saw were shoes; Harry’s shoes. You were so used to having Harry’s arms wrapped around your body. When you got there, you hopped out of the car and walked up to the apartment number door. Trust- Harry styles imagine You never believed the media or the papers or people when they told you that Harry cheated on you. Yeah, Harry’s dating you, but you still feel insecure around celebrities. You knew that Harry, your boyfriend of one year and three months, would never lay a finger on another girl.

Until, of course, you saw Kendall walking down the street with her friends. You wondered curiously who was in your apartment and why they felt the need to slam your front door.So without a second thought you got up and boldly walked out of your bedroom door, through the hallway and down the stairs. You should have listened to your friends and family who told you not to date a man who was constantly plastered on the front cover of a magazine with a woman wrapped around his arm. He tried to grab your hand, but you took a step back. And now you started believing the media and the magazines and the people. He wouldn’t tell you what happened, all he said was he needed a place to stay. You slammed the car door shut and slowly walked up the stairs and unlocked your apartment door. You saw him sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn perched on his lap, watching some sports channel while waiting for you. He slowly set the bowl on the coffee table before standing up and walking up to you.

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